3 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself for an Outdoor Workout

Woman jogging outdoors
Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash

Some people enjoy exercise more than others. While some can’t wait to be done with work so they can get active, others need motivation to start moving. The level of motivation varies from person to person and it can also vary over time, depending on what’s going on in your life. If you need an extra push to get out and get active, here’s what you can do.

Do Something You Like

You’ll be much more motivated to go out if you truly enjoy the activity you plan to do. It can be biking, walking, outdoor yoga, or anything else, but if you dread the workout, you have a much higher chance of staying at home and skipping it.

Start Small

Tell yourself you’ll just put on your sneakers, go outside, and see how you feel. Give yourself permission to come back home if it’s not working out, but most of the time you’ll find that getting up and going out was the most difficult part and that you don’t have a problem with being active once you get ready.

Find Company

An accountability buddy can be a huge motivating factor for many people. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself, perhaps you can keep a promise to a friend waiting for you outside.