3 Portion Size Mistakes You’re Probably Making

If you’ve been trying to eat healthy but are struggling with portion sizes, there are some foods that are easier to figure out than others. Here are some of the foods where you’re probably making portion size mistakes.


It’s so easy and tempting to fill a bowl with cereal and pour milk all over it, but measuring your cereal before doing this will ensure you’re not eating too much for your diet goal. You’ll quickly realize that you’re probably eating two servings or even more during one sitting!



We all know that chicken meat is lean protein so many of us don’t bother to measure it before putting it on the plate. However, it is possible—and in fact quite easy—to eat too much of it. The calories add up fast if you’re not careful.


You probably don’t think that there are any calories in coffee, but that’s only true for black coffee. If you add milk, sugar, creamer, or other sugary ingredients to it, it can quickly turn into a full dessert. You can still drink your favorite coffee, just be aware that two frappuccinos every day may be too much.