3 Reasons Why You Should Always Change Your Shoes at the Gym

Some gym-goers think it’s ok to train in the same pair of sneakers they’re wearing on a daily basis, but this habit comes with several downsides. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should have a separate pair of shoes for your trainings at the gym.

Perfect Fit

Your regular shoes are designed for low impact, casual, activities and that’s why most of them aren’t really fit for a workout. Unless you’re wearing high-performance shoes on a daily basis, they won’t adapt well to all the demanding exercises you’re doing at the gym.

Longer Lifespan

Once you finally find a pair of street sneakers you like, you’ll want them to last. Wearing them at the gym will not help you prolong their lifespan, since you’ll put more pressure on them than you usually do, and they won’t last as long as you’d like them to.

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Keeping it Clean

Even if your street sneakers happen to be fitting for a workout, you should still change into training shoes for the sake of others. You’ll be tracking in all kinds of dirt if you wear your regular shoes at the gym, making it more difficult for the staff to keep the place nice and clean.