3 Reasons Why Your Home Workouts Are Getting No Results

Photo by Karl Solano from Pexels

If home workouts have become a part of your daily routine but aren’t leading to any significant progress, chances are you’re doing something wrong. It takes time to notice changes in your body, but if that’s not happening even after months of working out, here’s what needs to change.

Too Easy

We tend to train harder when someone is watching, but you’ll be left to your own devices during home workouts. If you notice you’re going too easy on yourself, try to imagine you’re at the gym or at a group class, and you’ll find the motivation to give it your all.

Incorrect Form

It’s difficult to correct your form when you don’t have anyone to guide you, but it’s not impossible. Try working out in front of a mirror or book a session or two with a personal trainer if you think there’s something you’re doing incorrectly.


Working out should be something that brings you joy, not just a means to an end. If you’re working out to make up for overeating or sitting on the couch all day long, it’s time to embrace a different mindset and make healthy changes in other areas of your life as well.