3 Signs That You Should Take a Rest Day

Rest days should be an essential part of your workout routine and you should schedule them at least once or twice a week. Rest days don’t always have to be planned and here are a couple of signs you should take a break and focus on your recovery.

Soreness and Injuries

You won’t do your body any favors if you’re training when you’re sore and injured. Staying on the move by walking or doing light exercises is the best you can do when this happens because more intense activities can put too much strain on your body and lead to more injuries.

Illness and Pain

Working out when you’re under the weather also isn’t the best idea. Your immune system is already taking a hit and you should take some time to rest and recover instead of pressuring yourself into working out.

Mental Health Strain

Every once in awhile, we all need to take a day off to focus on our emotional well-being. If you’re dreading doing activities you usually enjoy, your workout feels much harder than usual, and you struggle to perform exercises that you used to do with ease, taking a mental health day might be your best option.