3 Sit-Up Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash

Sit-ups are one of the most common exercises you’ve probably been doing since elementary school. The fact they’ve been a part of your life forever doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing them properly. Take a look at three common mistakes most people make when doing sit-ups, and check if any of them applies to you.

Pulling on your neck

The main mistake almost everyone makes on regular basis is using their hands for leverage. Doing this puts a strain on your neck and can only lead to injuries. The only reason your hands are behind your neck is so they could support your head. You shouldn’t use them to pull your body up because all the heavy lifting has to be done with your core.

Going up too fast

If you’re not a big fan of sit-ups, you probably want to finish them up as soon as possible, but doing it too quickly is actually hurting your progress. Move slowly so you can really feel the muscles working, and get the most of each sit-up. Changing direction, instead of simply focusing on forwarding motion, is also a good idea.

Feet on the ground

Sit-ups should never be done with straight legs. If the knees are not flexed, you’ll probably end up putting too much pressure on the base of your spine. It’s also important to plant your feet firmly on the ground, so they wouldn’t be rocking up and down as you do the exercise.