3 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee Before Workout

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Most people can’t imagine going through the day without drinking a cup of coffee. Some of them even drink it right before hitting the gym, and it turns out they’re onto something. If you skip cream and sugar, this delicious beverage can improve your workout in more ways than one.

Better Performance

Several studies have shown caffeine intake before the workout can enhance athletic performance. Athletes who turn out to this pre-workout beverage can train longer and achieve better results. It doesn’t mean you should drink coffee in unlimited amounts – be consistent with your intake and incorporate it in healthy ways.

Improved Focus

Drinking black coffee before hitting the gym can lead to increased energy, but that’s not the only benefit it brings. Your mental focus will also increase, making your workout more productive and effective along the way.

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Reduced Muscle Pain

One study also came to conclusion caffeine intake is connected to perceived muscle pain. Subjects who consumed this beverage before their workout went through their fitness routine pain-free.