3 Types Of Running Shoes You Should Know About

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

Not every runner is the same, so their shoes shouldn’t be either. It’s important to pick a pair that will perfectly fit your foot type and help you achieve the best results. Here are three types of running shoes created to address the specific needs of individual runners.

Stability Shoes

Runners who exhibit mild to moderate over-pronation should take these shoes into consideration. They offer ground contact stability and a good blend of motion control and cushioning. They also provide amazing support for neutral runners but aren’t as heavy and controlling as other types of running shoes.

Motion Control Shoes

If you exhibit moderate to severe over-pronation, it’s important to look for shoes capable of absorbing the shock correctly and shielding you from injuries. Motion control shoes are the way to go. They are the most supportive and controlling type of running shoes since they feature dual density midsoles, roll bars or footbridges.


Cushioned Shoes

If your feet don’t flex enough to provide effective shock absorption while running, you’re probably under-pronator. That’s why it’s important to find a good pair of cushioned footwear, but it’s not so hard to look for it nowadays. Majority of sportswear companies add special materials to the heel and forefoot areas – such as air, gel and hydro flow.