3 Water Alternatives to Keep You Hydrated

Sparkling water
Photo by Mineragua Sparkling Water on Unsplash

Even if you haven’t done your “health homework”, it’s pretty much common knowledge that water is just about the healthiest thing you can drink. Fitness gurus and doctors alike preach the necessity of constant hydration—but let’s be real, many people just don’t find water all that tasty. Some do, but if you’re one of those that don’t, here are some “water alternatives” that’ll give you a similar effect while also giving you an extra kick.


Seltzer, or carbonated water, is an excellent alternative to water for those who need something a little stronger. Sometimes all it takes is some carbonation to make the water interesting, and the beauty here is that there’s no sugar at all.

Vitamin Water

Vitamin water has certainly grown in popularity over the last decade plus, and for good reason. It’s essentially water with a few added flavors and vitamins. Is it as healthy as water? Probably not. But it’s pretty close and it’s super tasty.

Flavored Seltzer

If you can decide between the previous two, how about combining them? Indeed, flavored soda water is also super popular these days, because of its amazing flavor, its strong carbonated kick, and low sugar level.