3 Ways to Get Out of a Cooking Rut

Man and woman cooking together
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

When you decide to eat healthier, it’s easy to get stuck cooking and eating the same dishes over and over again. Over time, chicken, lean meats, and fish get old, and you start craving other food. It’s when eating healthy becomes harder and as a result, many people turn to takeaways or fast food. If you’re sick of eating the same things for dinner, but want to continue eating healthily, here are three ways to make your meals more exciting.

Discover Cuisines From Around the World

Take a virtual cooking class and learn how to make specialties from other countries like sushi with a chef from Japan, falafel with a chef from Israel, or fresh pasta with a chef from Italy.

Sign Up for Produce Boxes

Order a weekly produce box or sign up for a community-supported agriculture program. You’ll get tons of fruits and veggies, which you can use to bring more variety and nutrients into your cooking.

Amp Up Flavors

Spices and fresh herbs are a great way to make your dishes more delicious and exciting. They’ll give your food exotic flavors and they have medicinal qualities. Season chicken, fish, vegetables, and meat with spices and fresh herbs.