4 Reasons Workouts In The Cold Can Be Good For You

Photo by Katerina Katsalap from Pexels

When the cold winter months come rolling in, it can be tempting to reduce your workout levels and stay indoors. It’s not always pleasant exposing ourselves to the cold, especially when we’d rather just stay underneath our thick covers. However, evidence shows that moderate exposure to cold air and water can in fact have several health benefits!

Speeds Up Metabolism

Training in cold weather can speed up the rate of our metabolism, or the rate at which the body burns and uses fuel. A high metabolism means more energy, greater biological efficiency, and more effective fat-burning.

Increases Recovery Time

There’s also evidence that suggests that training in the cold can increase recovery time after a workout. That being said, make sure you get yourself indoors right when you’re done working out in order to warm up. Otherwise, too much exposure to the cold weather can actually damage your muscles.

Improves Immune System

Frequent exposure to the cold also helps our immune system function more efficiently. This could mean a lot of positive things for our bodies—including being more equipped to fight off illness and infection.

Enhances Energy and Mood

After training in the cold, many people report that they feel reborn—and that’s not a coincidence. It certainly does increase the release of happy hormones dopamine and serotonin.