4 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Healthy After Exercising

You may be surprised to find out that working out can actually have benefits for your skin. Exercising improves circulation which helps keep your complexion clear and your skin looking healthy and radiant. But, if you don’t take steps to care for your skin after exercising, your skin can breakout and become itchy and irritated. These four tips will help you keep your skin healthy after working out.

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Shower ASAP

Getting out of your dirty clothes as soon as possible and showering will prevent dirt and bacteria from clogging your pores, which leads to breakouts.

Wash Your Hair

Make sure you rinse your hair with water to get rid of the salt and sweat and condition it to protect it from the sun. If you want to hold off on washing your hair, the least you can do is wash your neckline and hairline.

Change Your Clothes

Not only is sitting in sweaty clothes disgusting, but it can lead to skin conditions, flare-up eczema, and cause skin rashes and yeast infections.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is not only important to your body, but it also makes your skin healthier. If your dehydrated your skin can look dull. Have a bottle of water with you and remember to drink it throughout the day.