4 Tips on How to Meal Prep

Meal prepping can seem like more trouble than it’s worth—you have to take time out of your relaxing weekend to food shop and prep for the week ahead. The other alternative isn’t much better—coming home from work and food shopping when you’re hungry and cooking after a long day at the office. Meal prepping is actually a fantastic solution to those who don’t want to food shop and cook everyday. You cook for a few hours on your weekend or one evening during the week for the meals ahead. Then you divide the food into containers that you can heat up when you want to a meal.

Purchase Containers

Before you start you want to make sure you have enough reusable food storage containers to keep your prepared food fresh and tasty.

Choose a Meal to Prep

If you generally skip dinner due to laziness or eat out most nights then this is probably the best meal for you to prep for. You won’t have to think about what you want to eat as it will be in your fridge ready for you to heat up and enjoy. Choose a day to do the cooking and decide how many meals you are making. Some people don’t like to eat the same meal for five days.

Choose Foods that are Good for Meal prep

Frozen vegetables are really great to add to your prep dishes, they taste the same and are as healthy as fresh vegetables. So start with a selection of frozen vegetables for your dish. Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and parsnips are also delicious and they add some healthy carbs. Whole grains, pulses, and lean protein are all great foods to cook and eat throughout the week.

Prep Your Snacks

If you find yourself feeling hungry in the middle of the day, make sure you have healthy prepared snacks available so you don’t eat the chocolate bar.