5 Great Tips to Start Losing Weight

Making the decision to lose weight is personal to each individual. No one should ever feel like they are forced into it, but if you want to start losing weight here are some great tips for you. Consistency is key when you want to lose weight, no pill or shake will really help you in the long run and you need to make long term lifestyle changes to see a major difference.

Start Slow

Sometimes the gym can be an intimidating place and if you are feeling out of shape and are worried about what people will think of you then start walking. Try walking 20 minutes outside then each time add more time and see how your body feels.

Drink Lots of Water

Carry a water bottle around with you at all times and drink lots during the day to keep you feeling hydrated and it can curb your hunger. Most of the time when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty and need more water.

Change Your Mindset

You have to really want it, if you are half-hearted about losing weight then you will never reach your goal. Set realistic goals each week for both food intake and workouts. You will reach them if you really want to.

Social Media Can Help

Search for other people who are on weight loss journeys and follow them for inspiration and motivation. These people can help you to be accountable to reach your goals. Start posting about your journey and start your own community.

Healthy Snacks

Always make sure you have snacks with you so you aren’t tempted to buy something unhealthy when you are out for the day or at work. There are so many healthy snack options available that you can bring with you to keep you feeling full and curb your sugar cravings.