5 Health & Wellness Trends Worth Trying

Heath and wellness trends are constantly changing and before we know it, there seems to be a new fashionable diet. But, some trends are all hype and not actually healthy. These are the five trends that are worth trying.


Instead of detoxing your body, try detoxing your mind by putting down your electronic devices. We’ve all heard that using cell phones before bedtime can negatively affect your sleep, but they can also make you anxious, especially when you consider all the coronavirus news lately.

Forest Bathing

No, you’re not actually bathing in a forest, you’re just walking in one. Spending time outdoors reduces stress and blood pressure while improving your mood.

Plant-Based Diet

We get that cutting meat isn’t for everyone, but eating a plant-based diet can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and it can help you lose weight.

Recovery Tech

Working at a desk all day long and then lifting weights at the gym, your body gets achy. It’s important to take care of them with foam rollers, massage guns, and compression therapy.


Self-care is a movement dedicated to being the best version of yourself and showing yourself love. It can include physical activity, getting a manicure, or booking a massage.