5 Reasons Self-Love is Key to Athletic Development

The hardest battle in athletic development is usually not the physical training, but the mental battle. Progress in sports training requires diligent effort and discipline and the best way to safeguard these qualities and ensure consistent results is to develop your sense of self-love. Here are five reasons self-love is key to your physical development.

Love Not Fear

It’s crucial that your training comes from a place of love not fear. You need to train because you love yourself and your body and want to care for it. It’s not about getting a different or new body, but about caring for the one you’ve got.

More Motivated

When you love yourself it’s much easier to get out there and train every day. Rather than feeling upset or resentful at the prospect of hitting the gym again, you’ll feel thankful that you have the opportunity and the time to give your body what it needs.


If you have cultivated your sense of self-love, you can begin to really notice and celebrate your achievements.


You’ll know that with every day you are moving in the direction you want to go.

In Control

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of healthy self-love is that it allows you to take control of your life and your goals. You’re not ruled by fear, but by your own desires and wishes.