5 Self-Care Strategies to Help You Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle While at Home

Due to shelter-at-home orders during the coronavirus, now’s the ideal time to start making lifestyle changes. But, with all the stressors like the risk of infection, job insecurity, loneliness, and social distancing, sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. This is where self-care comes in; it’s important to make time for your well-being and needs. Here are five self-care strategies to make it easier to maintain the lifestyle changes you’ve been working on.

Start Your Morning With Mindfulness

Thinking about all the uncertainties that lie ahead and the “what ifs” will only make you more anxious. To decrease your anxiety, start your day with a mindfulness moment. Take 10 minutes to sit quietly and allow your thoughts and feelings to come and pass.

De-Stress With a New Hobby

Being stuck at home makes it easier to get stuck in bad habits like stress-eating and mindlessly scrolling through social media. Instead, try a new hobby like a workout class, online yoga, or piano lessons.

Eat on a Schedule

Since your routine is thrown off by not having to wake up to get to work, it’s easy to be lazy all day. Try creating a schedule for your meals and snacks, so you don’t end up snacking throughout the day.

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Take Movement Breaks

Sitting all day at the computer can make you tired, so try and incorporate movement breaks into your routine. For an energy boost and stress-relief, try a morning walk or a quicky HIIT session before lunch.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Set a nightly limit on screen-time and create a relaxing bedtime routine like enjoying a good book or a hot bath. With a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day!