5 Signs You Might Be Over-Exercising

Yes, working out too much is a thing, and you have to know how to recognize it. If you are a huge fitness enthusiast, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking care of your body by not pushing it to extremes. These are 5 signs that point out to you over-exercising.

Sore Muscles

People usually think that sore muscles are a good sign, meaning that you’ve had a great workout. If you are constantly feeling that your muscles are sore, it might be time to rest and take a short break from the gym.

You’re in a Bad Mood

If you’re feeling moody, depressed, and are noticing mood swings, but you’re regularly working out, this can be a sign. Physical activity boosts the hormones that will make you happy. If you’re over-exercising, this is a clear sing you need to slow it down.


No Sleep or Too Much Sleep

Overtraining can cause both of these conditions. If you can’t sleep at night or you’re too tired to get out of bed, you really need to take a short vacation from exercising.

Weight Gain

Working out too much can make you gain fat. In other words, it causes too much stress to the body and it will result in the storage of fat.

No Motivation

If you are not well rested, doing anything physical will be too hard.