5 Snacks to Manage PMS Symptoms

Servings of yogurt
Photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

PMS is no laughing matter—it’s just the worst! Sure, a heating pad and yoga can ease PMS symptoms, but the foods you eat also have a huge impact on the way you feel during the time of the month. For each part of your cycle, your body needs different nutrients. And while most of us are always craving chocolate, these five snacks will actually help manage PMS symptoms.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Not only are hard-boiled eggs a great source of protein, but they also have tons of vitamin D, which plays a part in reproductive health, regulating your mood, and hormone balance.


This probiotic food can help you deal with mood swings and bloating due to its gut-healthy properties.

Sunflower Seeds

High in vitamin E, sunflower seeds can reduce breast tenderness and soothe lower back pain. Go ahead and top your yogurt, salad, or oatmeal with them.

Brussel Sprout Chips

Brussel sprouts have a compound that enhances metabolism and breaks down estrogen, which is a hormone that amplifies PMS symptoms.


While they may not be a classic snack food, beets reduce inflammation and fight fatigue by replenishing the tissues with blood that’s healthy and nutrient-dense.