5 Tips For Working Out at Home

Whether your gym has been closed due to the coronavirus or you want to give home workout a try, exercising at home is a great alternative to gyms and studios. These tips will help you get the most out of your workouts and build lifestyle habits that you can follow long term.

Create a Space to Exercise

If you have an empty room to put some weight and cardio equipment use that as your designated space, but if you have a small apartment you can simply put a mat on the ground and use the floor space for your exercise. But, it’s important to have a space dedicated to working out because it helps your brain and body know it’s time to workout.

Find a Program

Finding the motivation to workout when you don’t have your trainer to hold you accountable is difficult, but if you find a program you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. There are all types of programs online like HIIT, dance cardio programs, bodyweight moves, ab workouts, etc.

Build Habits

Between computers, phones, couches, beds, and TVs—there are lots of distractions at home. Combat these distractions by setting a time for your workout in your day.

Get Basic Equipment

Bodyweight workouts like planks, pushups, squats, and lunges only require your own body. If you want to take your training up a notch, get a yoga mat, resistance bands, and kettlebells or dumbbells.

Set Goals

Set a goal to do a set amount of at-home workouts a week and mark your progress on a calendar. Also, try to push yourself past what you did the day before by adding an extra pushup to your set or doing five more minutes of a HIIT workout.