6 Secrets You’ll Learn from Doing Yoga

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Yoga is a mystical exercise form that offers many benefits to the body, soul, and mind.  Here are just a few:

It’s about you

As with most other exercise forms, yoga isn’t a competition. Yoga is a work in progress.  It’s about challenging yourself to reach further or stretch longer, etc.

It’s not all about bends and stretches

Part of yoga is about bending and flexibility.  But what needs to be flexible is your mind and how you approach yoga as a discipline.

The purpose of life is not a happiness. The purpose of life is finding your Dharma – your Truth-Calling. 5 years ago I quit my job, I sold my car and everything that i have, my relationship was ended, and I bought one-way ticket to Asia to start my own way of discovering and adventures. Deep inside i knew that as long as i follow my Truth i don't need to worry about the future. And i will always been looked after by the Universe. Finding a Dharma – your Truth-Calling – its not an easy part to take. You have to be brave to leave your comfort zone and turn to unknown. You have to find out what it is that you are really on this Earth to do. May be it's to travel, or to play music, or to care for environment, to make art, to help others… Sometimes you have to get out to your own way and let the Universe move you. There is a Life that creating through you in a different forms and expressions. Life is too short to live someone else's idea who or what we should be. We need to be true to ourselves. Follow your Dharma. Follow your Truth-Calling. Hare Om 🙏 🕉

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Use the props

The props available in yoga such as straps or blocks do not make you less advanced than others.  Using them means you are aware of your body’s limits.

You can take a break

No one will judge you if you assume the Child’s Pose when it becomes intense or if you choose to have a water break.

A great way to get to know your hip flexors better (heheh 🔥 🔥): lie back and squeeze a yoga block between your hand and your thigh. . . . Really *push* your thigh into that block with all your might and keep doing that as you slowly straighten the knee. . . . If someone were watching you from the side, your knee would not move away from your chest at ALL as you straighten it. . . . Remember the similar-looking “hardest hip flexor move” I posted a little while ago, in which I was sitting upright and doing a similar block-thigh-move? . . . Well that one was so terrible (yet very effective!) that I decided to share this one as an alternative because it is just sliiiightly easier due to gravity being more on your side here. . . . In either case, when you wake up tomorrow with sore, mad hip flexors, don’t tell them that I’m the one who showed you this 😝 . . . . . #hipflexors #controlyourself #modernyoga #yogastrong

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It’s not always easy

Some of the poses in yoga are hard.  Be prepared to fail before you succeed, just like everyone else.

It’s not just about your body

Yoga creates a sense of inner peace and mindfulness that other exercise forms just don’t.