Alexia Clark’s Here to Teach You How to Make Workouts More Challenging

Many of us have started working out from home this year and while that’s often a good idea, there’s one struggle. You can never have all the equipment at home that you have available in your favorite gym and if you’re currently trying to figure out how to use the single pair of dumbbells you have in creative ways, here’s some help.

Certified personal trainer Alexia Clark shared her best tips and they might give you some ideas for using your dumbbells to increase the difficulty of your at-home workout.

Clark recently posted an Instagram video called Challenge Yourself with One Set of Weights. In it, she showed how you can get creative with what you have at home. The video description lists three things you can do:

“1. Time under tension: this forces your muscles to work harder and optimizes muscular strength, endurance, and growth

2. Add a pulse: When you shorten the range of motion it causes the muscles to stay contracted

3. Add a negative: Negative training makes a deeper inroad during each repetition, which stimulates natural muscle-building growth hormone.”

There are many ways to get the best workout results with minimal to no equipment and this is one of them.