Alternative Exercises When You’re Not in the Mood to Hit the Gym

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

Just because you’re not in the mood to hit the gym doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your fitness regimen. Here are some effective ways to keep active without stepping foot in the gym.


Whether you’re potting plants, cutting tree branches, or redesigning your backyard, gardening is a gentle form of workout that will make you feel as if you’re not even exercising. What’s more, it’s a productive way to keep your mind busy, thereby helping you escape boredom.


This relaxing form of workout will help you to clear your mind of negative energy and relax. What’s more, attending a yoga class could help to introduce you to like-minded people who could become your workout partners.

Playing With Kids

As any parent would know, children are active. By taking the time to play with your kids, you’ll get physical activity while strengthening your emotional bonds.