Amazing 5-Minute Arm Workouts You Need to Try

We all have days when we don’t even have time to think about working out, and 5-minute workouts are perfect for those days. You’ll feel much better knowing that you squeezed in something that’s good for you into your schedule and it will benefit the overall progress you’re making.

When you only have five minutes and nothing more, you can have an effective arm workout. You don’t even need any equipment for it! Below are two of our favorite short workouts for biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

5 Minute Intense Arms By Janine George

Working out with Janine George will make five minutes feel longer, but you’ll get a complete arm workout. Starting from the plank position and move on to bicep curls and tricep dips. George gives you all the tools you need for exercising your arms.

5 Minute Toned Arms By Blogilates

Cassey Ho always has short and challenging workouts and this one is no exception. She’ll walk you through creative moves and finish the workout with some intense planks, so make sure you’re ready for it. “1 minute x 5 arm sculpting moves,” her video description reads. “Your best 5 min arm slimming workout. Can you keep up with the timer? YES YOU CAN! The fastest most effective arm toning workout ever!”