Amazing Workout Apps That Have Been Trending Hard

Man using an app while hiking
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

In a world with apps evolving by the day and fitness culture running rampant, it makes sense that workout apps would be quite popular. It’s a no-brainer that one who wants to get in shape would certainly benefit from having a handy dandy app on their smartphone to further the process along. But which exercise apps are the best? There are a handful of truly incredible ones, but these are some of the best that you can find today.

Map My Run

Map My Run is taking the world by storm due to its sheer brilliance. What better way to get excited about your jog than by visually seeing where you’ve gone? This app draws out the route a jogger takes and allows its users to pridefully share their running milestones with others.

Fitness Buddy

As the name of the app suggests, this is an incredibly user-friendly app that serves as both a nutritionist and personal trainer in one fell swoop. The “trainer” provides meal plans, instructional videos, and pretty much anything that an optimistic user could want.

10K Runner

This app is really only for those who won’t feel pressured to meet high demands. For those who enjoy being pushed to their limit, it’s a truly amazing application. The app guides runners from 5K lengths to 10K lengths in a matter of weeks and encourages its users to follow through on their goals.