Basic Fitness Ball Exercises Everyone Should Master

Photo by mrleecanburn on Unsplash

Incorporating a fitness ball into your fitness routine will help you build strength and flexibility, but it’s understandable if you struggle with it at first. Here are three basic exercises every beginner should master first.

Fitness Ball Crunches

You’ll do this exercise the same way you do regular crunches, but your legs will be placed on the ball. The tricky part is keeping the ball in place, but once you master this move, you’ll go through your reps with ease.

Wood Choppers

This exercise may seem like the easiest thing you can possibly do since it consists of squatting while lifting up the ball and twisting it up, but it’s actually a full-body workout that will do wonders for everyone who does it right.

Fitness Ball Bridges

Bridges are another common exercise you can make more complex by adding a fitness ball to the mix. Balancing things out makes it more difficult, but it’s still amazing move that will help you strengthen your abdominal, back, glute, and leg muscles.