Benefits of Boxing Workouts

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash

There is something so therapeutic about punching a heavy bag, sweating it out, and getting your heart rate up. You may think of boxing as a great way to release some stress or anger, but did you know it has so many other benefits as well? 

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Boxing is a great form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which has been proven to boost cardiovascular health. This form of training is also shown to reduce your risk of heart disease. An added benefit is that you will gain endurance and be able to sustain high intensity exercises for longer amounts of time.

Gain Full-Body Strength

One of the greatest benefits of boxing is it works your entire body—your arms, shoulders, legs, abs, back—pretty much every muscle you can think of. Boxing builds strength and stability and sharpens your reflexes over time. If you’re looking to tone your entire body, boxing is a great choice.

Boosts Mental Health

Any form of exercise is proven to boost mental health, but boxing in particular has a great effect on the mind. It is a great stress reliever and the boost in your heart rate will leave you with a smile on your face (even as you’re panting to catch your breath!).