Benefits of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

We’ve all been there–when the hunger is so real, or the food is so good, you can’t help but scarf it down. Or maybe you eat slower, but you’re sitting in front of the television watching Netflix, or you’re eating in the car on your way to work. In any of these scenarios, you’re eating without really paying attention. In other words, you’re not mindfully eating. Mindful eating is all the craze these days and for good reason! It’s a more holistic and natural way of eating that allows you to truly listen to your body. There are so many benefits to eating your food slower and without distractions.

Mindful Eating Reduces Binge Eating

When you eat slower and without distractions, you give your body more time to actually digest the food you’re eating. Because of this, there is an opportunity for your body to let you know when you’re full–preventing a binge.

Mindful Eating Increases Pleasure While Eating

Giving yourself the time to eat slower allows your senses to fully experience what you’re consuming. This means that if you’re eating good food, it’s about to taste even better!

Mindful Eating Lowers Stress

Mindful eating is just another way to practice mindfulness, which is preached by scientists and mental health experts for years now. Mindfulness helps us live in the present moment, which reduces stress levels. So, it’s no surprise that mindful eating has been shown to lower stress as well!