Brie Larson Explains How She Fell in Love With Working Out Despite Having Asthma

Brie Larson in 2017
Brie Larson in 2017. Photo by Rob Latour/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (8818800bb)

Most people know Brie Larson as a fearless superhero Captain Marvel, and she went through a major physical transformation to prepare for this role. One thing you probably don’t know about her is that she has asthma, but this condition didn’t stop her from falling in love with fitness after joining the MCU.

Larson recently set down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss her future projects, and one topic she discussed countless times came up again—her Captain Marvel workout. The Oscar-winning actress talked about her fitness routine many times before, but she now shared an interesting detail that you might appreciate if you’re dealing with asthma.

Larson described herself as “an introvert with asthma” and said that the fear of failure inspired her to take her workouts to the next level while preparing to play Carol Danvers.

“I started training, and I learned that I was actually much stronger than I realized and that my allergies were what was causing my asthma. So, I just took allergy medicine. And I could lift heavy weights and it really transformed my life,” she explained.

Everyone dealing with asthma should consult their doctor before committing to a rigorous workout routine, but Larson’s story is truly inspiring and it proves everything is possible.