Camping Essentials for an Outdoor Trip With Buddies

Windows down, head sticking out of the car with friends laughing in the back… This moment is one of the best feelings in the world. You’re driving down a long road with no destination, looking outside at the scenery and breathing the crisp air. They say that the most important point is the destination rather than the journey. But when you get to your journey and unpack your belongings, here are a few important things to bring.

Main Essential: Tent

Bring a compact and lightweight tent that will fit yourself and a few friends. There’s always a chance of rain so make sure you pick a high quality, preferably waterproof tent.

Bring The Munchies

No trip is complete without food! A great camping snack is chips and dip. Easy to prepare and it’ll last you for a night. If you’re feeling like Gordon Ramsay, whip up some samosas before the trip.

And Then There Was Light

You may be thinking, well I can use my phone… But what if the battery dies out? It’s best to be prepared for any situation. So pack a few flashlights for when night falls.

Wipes For All Uses

Wipes are important if you fall or get injured and need to quickly disinfect the area. They’re also handy for any messes or spills in your tents or general area.