Celebrity Trainer Melissa Alcantara Shares How She Does Home Workouts

Image via fitgurlmel/Instagram

Celebrity trainer Melissa Alcantara has always been an advocate for working out at home. Before she became Instagram-famous and started working as a trainer for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, she mostly worked out at home as she does now. Since most of us are currently unable to go to a gym, perhaps her tips can motivate you to stay active in the comfort of your own home.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I started my fitness journey working out from home doing Insanity by Shaun T. It was the most challenging and rewarding experience ever,” she told Popsugar. “Sixty days and a ton of sweat, laughs, tears, and pounds off my body, I knew my life had changed forever.”

She emphasized the importance of feeling free in your own home. You can wear anything you want, do any workout you prefer, and nobody will be there to judge you. There are plenty of incredible workouts you can do without leaving your home. Alcantara’s favorite tool is her own body. As for props, she relies on training bands that are affordable and easy to store.

Find a home workout that suits you and enjoy getting fitter day after day!