Chris Hemsworth Explains How He Manages to Stay Excited About Fitness

Chris Hemsworth. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/BEI/REX/Shutterstock (9307698me)

Chris Hemsworth leaves us in awe every time he shares details about his workout routine, and his commitment to staying in shape is truly impressive. He recently discussed his approach to fitness in the cover story for the Australian edition of Men’s Health and shared a motivational trick that keeps him grounded.

The MCU superstar doesn’t believe you should commit to a certain routine just because it’s popular. It’s much more important to be an explorer in the world of fitness, and be on the lookout for fresh new activities that you enjoy doing.

“I speak to plenty of people who are like, ‘Oh, I just hate training’. I’m like, ‘What do you do?’ ‘Oh, I just run. But I just don’t like running’. I’m like, ‘Don’t run then!’ I don’t run. I do a lot of different things,” explained Hemsworth.

The Thor actor also admitted that he doesn’t enjoy taking a break from training for prolonged periods of time. Hemsworth doesn’t feel good when he stops working out because his “body shuts down”, and he often has to deal with aches, inflammation, and stiff back.

This doesn’t mean he can’t do without hardcore workouts that prepared him for the role of Thor. He simply wants to keep moving because it allows him to live healthier and happier.