Chris Hemsworth Knocked Us Off Our Feet with His “Extraction 2” Workout

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/BEI/REX/Shutterstock (9307698me)

Chris Hemsworth spent over a decade playing Thor so we thought his workouts couldn’t get any more intense than they already are, but he proved us wrong. He recently shared a part of his workout routine for Extraction 2, and he really took things to a whole new level while training for this film.

The Australian actor joined forces with his trainer Luke Zocchi and shared a 10-minute bodyweight workout that he swears by. He’s using this routine to prepare for the role of a black-ops mercenary Tyler Rake in the sequel of the Netflix action-thriller Extraction.

The workout consists of 40 seconds of several different types of exercises, including mountain climbers, bodyweight squats, plank shoulder taps, reverse lunges, and bicycle sit-ups. You can take 20 minutes of rest in between before moving to the next 40-second burst, and repeat all the exercises for another circuit.

Hemsworth tried to perform as many reps as possible during each 40-second frame, but you can take it easy if you try to give his routine a try. This routine marks a major switch for Marvel star, who went from heavy weightlifting to bodyweight workouts to become more flexible and mobile for his next role.

Like most workouts that Hemsworth shares on his channel, this one serves as a promotion for his fitness app Centr, which features workouts created by his own team.