Cococeps: The Coffee Alternative That Tastes Just Like Chocolate!

Many of us like to start off our day with a cup of coffee and it’s something that we can’t live without. If you’re looking to turn your coffee drink into a healthier option – then try Cococeps.

What’s Cococeps? It’s an organic cocoa blend mixed with cordyceps and reishi mushrooms. The taste is a little on the bitter side which is similar to the taste of coffee. However, it doesn’t contain any coffee – it contains 14mg of natural caffeine which is much less than a regular-sized mug of coffee. So it gives you a natural kick of energy without the jitters at the end. If you’re looking to make the switch then read on to see why it’s worth a shot.

Cordyceps for Energy

Cordyceps has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine. It’s a type of mushroom that’s typically harvested in Tibet and used for medicinal properties. In Cococeps, it serves as an adaptogen that helps your body recover from everyday stress. If you’re looking to be relaxed yet alert during the day, Cordyceps will help you feel focused enough to get your work done.

Reishi for Relaxation

To balance out the healing properties of Cordyceps, reishi promotes calm and relaxation. It has a distinct taste of slight bitterness – but with a dash of honey or a natural sweetener in your drink, it will be fine. You can even sprinkle it in a yummy dessert to make it more delicious. Did we mention it has natural cocoa? The chocolate makes the drink even more endearing!