Cook Healthy Meals with These 7 Essential Spices

Switching to healthier food can be difficult, but there’s no reason why your food can’t still be delicious! If you want to start cooking healthy, spices are your best friends. Here are 7 that will make every meal taste wonderful.

Black Pepper

Buy black pepper in packaging that comes with a built-in grinder so that it’s fresh when you use it.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper tastes great on grilled veggies or dishes with meat.

Chili Powder

You can mix your own chili powder or buy a jar at the store, it doesn’t matter.


This spice is not only great for cookies and cakes — it will give a delicious earthy flavor to your stews, too.


Cumin is a must-have spice for curry and you can use it in many Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern dishes.

Curry Powder

Curry powder makes everything better and that’s just a fact of life.


Fresh or ground, ginger will add some much-needed spice to your meals.