Did You Know You Can Do Reformer Pilates at Home (Without a Reformer)?

foam roller
Image via sebastiangauert/Depositphotos

Workout classes can be expensive, and if you’re looking to do reformer pilates, this is no exception. Although you can recreate many workouts from home, it might seem impossible to recreate a reformer workout. We mean, there are just so many moving parts. How could it be possible?

Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to recreate the movements from reformer pilates from home. You just need one piece of equipment–a foam roller! Yes, it’s true. You can achieve reformer pilates moves (and the results that come with it) from your own home with just a mat and a foam roller. 

You can use your foam roller to really work your core by giving it an unstable surface to move with. It really targets your deep core and challenges you just as a moving pilates reformer would. You wouldn’t think it just by seeing these workouts, but they are extremely challenging! An added bonus is that you can roll out your sore muscles afterward with that same roller.

If you’re unsure exactly how to use a foam roller for at-home reformer pilates, there are plenty of YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram accounts that will not only show you how to do it, but give you real pilates flows and classes to follow along with!