Does Licorice Have Nutritional Value?

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You either love licorice or hate it, there is no middle. Licorice can be found in the herbaceous roots of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant and its flavor is often inserted into chewy, twisty candies and popular sweeteners.

Have you ever thought about its nutritional value? Scroll down and take a look.


When you consume licorice, the carbohydrate count will typically be high and cause a spike in your blood sugar. Licorice’s nutrition value remains low, and eating one serving will account for up to seven percent of your total daily calories.


One serving of licorice contains one to two grams of protein, and according to scientists, the recommended daily consummation is 46 to 65 grams of protein.

All in all, licorice isn’t the healthiest source of nutrition. It is high in sugar, low in fats, but it also has a low protein value. So instead of eating candy, you should stick to your vegetables and fruits.

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Licorice or Jethimadh This sweet flavoured root is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Europe. Yielding the same flavour compounds as star anise and fennel, licorice is bitter and sweet flavours combined! Most licorice was used in the tobacco industry as a flavouring in cigarettes and snuff because of its natural sweetness and distinctive flavour, but today it is banned. In the food industry, licorice is used in a variety of candies, sweets and jellybeans! The sweetness of licorice is almost 30-50 times that of normal sugar! In Finland, salmiakki or salty licorice is a big trend which uses ammonium chloride as a salt. In fact, in the Nordic countries the root is simply chewed and sucked which draws out the intensely sweet flavour. All through Italy, licorice extract is used which is black in color and is also distilled to a spirit.In Syria & Egypt a popular mildly bitter-sweet drink is sold at street vendors called Erk-Sous is made of licorice extract! Have you tasted licorice? What are your experiences? Tell us in the comments! . . . #licorice #candygram #candy #salmiakki #liquorice #licoriceroot #licoricecandy #licoriceallsorts #licoriceicecream #liquoriceroot #Liquoricetea #liquoricelove #liquoriceblack #jellybean #knowyourspices #elthecook #exoticflavours #indianfoodbloggers #masalabox #flavoursofindia #healthyspices #herbsandspices #spicefacts #spicesofindia #foodloversindia #foodtalkindia #tasteofindia #indianfoodtales #indiankitchen #instasweet

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