Don’t Get Down on Yourself For Missing a Workout

Rest day
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Congratulations, you’ve set a workout plan for yourself and you’ve been strictly following it successfully. A few months go by with no slip-ups—and then before you know it, something personal in your life causes you to miss a workout. From an objective standpoint, there’s no logical reason why this should derail your progress. And yet, you find yourself losing focus. Here’s why you shouldn’t get down on yourself.

Don’t Downplay Your Accomplishments

We as humans have this tendency to downplay our previous accomplishments after making a mistake. We do an excellent job, then slip up, and automatically we start to think that we were phonies the whole time. We tell ourselves that we were never really that disciplined. We somehow think that our discipline was the exception, not the rule. We reason that our slip-ups define who we truly are.

But this is far from the truth. One, two, or even three slip-ups don’t define us. Our accomplishments are still as impressive as they ever were, and you need to continue reminding yourself of that.

Enjoy the Process

At the end of the day, we’re not robots, and we don’t want to treat ourselves as such. If we’re perfect all the time, this only adds more pressure to always be that way. So from that standpoint, appreciate the days you missed as you are simply being human, and get back on that horse when you’re ready to get back in rhythm!