Dry-Scooping is a Fitness Trend You Don’t Need to Try

Woman scooping protein powder
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Workout sessions just hit differently when you’ve taken a supplement before starting. Thanks to their combination of caffeine and creatine, supplements improve your endurance, energy, and focus while exercising. 

Considering how many pre-workouts are on the market, you have your choice of consuming them via capsules, powders, liquids, or bars. The most popular option is probably powder as most people add it to a smoothie or use water to make it into a drink.

Unfortunately, there are always a few to remind us why we can’t have nice things.

A new trend has emerged that involves people swallowing the supplement in powder form. 

Although it seems like a quick and easy way to take your pre-workout (especially if you don’t have water at hand), but the risks are actually rather dangerous. 

With dry-scooping, as it is known, there is the possibility of inhaling the powder which can then affect your breathing, cause choking, and result in the supplement entering your lungs.

Downing the powder in its original form also has the potential to induce a caffeine overdose. According to the National Capital Poison Center, a caffeine overdose caused by dry-scooping led to a healthy 20-year-old woman having a mild heart attack. 

Studies have also shown that dry-scooping doesn’t actually improve performance, as some devotees of the method claim.

So, rather scoop your supplement into a smoothie. It tastes better anyway.