Easy-To-Learn HIIT Exercises For an Intense Workout

High knees
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

High-intensity interval training, better known as HIIT, is a workout routine consisting of short periods of explosive workouts with brief recovery periods between. Simply put, it is a quick yet highly-effective form of exercise that is ideal if you’re looking for a quick and impactful workout to fit into your busy schedule. Let’s take a look at some easy-to-learn HIIT exercises that will help you feel the burn in no time!


Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. From there, drop into a squat and place your hands on the flooring in front of your feet. Kick your feet out until your legs are straight. Press your knees back toward your chest before launching back into your original standing position. Try jumping back up for a little more of a challenge.

High Knees

Stand up straight with your feet directly below your hips. Start by lifting your left knee up to your chest before lowering it back down and doing the same with your right knee. There are several variations of this exercise that you can try, including doing it at a running speed or staying in position for a few seconds after each rep to test your balance.

Shoulder Taps

Get into a plank position, with your arms fully extended. If this position feels too challenging at first, then place your knees on the ground. Lift one hand up and touch the opposite shoulder, idling your best not to move your hips or shoulders. Then, switch sides. This workout will exercise your shoulders and abs in addition to boosting your stamina.