EmkFit Pays Homage to Our Favorite TV Shows with Her Relaxing Workouts

If you wish you could burn some major calories while enjoying your favorite TV show, Emily Thorne of EmkFit’s got you covered. The YouTube fitness star prepared several brilliant workout videos inspired by our favorite TV shows—and they’re all Netflix and no chill.

TV Theme Songs

Most people skip the intro when streaming TV shows these days, but this workout will take you back to the time when we used to watch them in full. It features some of the most iconic TV theme songs we all know and love, from “California” from The OC to “I’ll Be There For You” from Friends.

The Office

Music isn’t exactly the first thing people think of when someone mentions The Office, but this beloved sitcom did feature several amazing songs over the years. In addition to that iconic theme song that lives in our heads rent-free, this workout video also features “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel and “Faith” by George Michael.

Stranger Things

One of the best things about Stranger Things is its nostalgic soundtrack, and Thorne decided to celebrate it in this workout. In addition to Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill”, you’ll get to work out to the beat of theme songs from Ghostbusters and The NeverEnding Story—both referenced in this beloved Netflix series.