Essential Tips to Remember When Doing Bicep Curls

Bicep curls
Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash

If there’s one workout that appears to be famous among all gym-goers, it’s the bicep curl. While a simple enough movement to grasp, there are actually a few important considerations to have in mind if you intend to do the most effective bicep curl possible. Here are some essential tips to remember the next time you’re doing bicep curls.

Maintain Good Posture

Throughout the movement, it’s crucial that you stand straight. Squeeze your shoulder blades and keep your glutes and abs engaged so that you don’t start slouching at any point during your workout. This will benefit your posture in the long run.

Keep Your Shoulders Down

Sometimes, as the exercise wears on, you may start to hunch your shoulders as you struggle to get through your workout. No matter how difficult the movement gets, make sure to keep your shoulders down so that you can get the maximum benefit for your biceps.

Stay In Rotation

While many people think that they need to keep their fists still throughout the movement, a proper bicep curl requires you to rotate upwards as you lift the weight and return to your starting position as you lower back down. What’s more, it makes each rep more challenging.