Everything You Need to Know About Tabata Workouts

Tabata is a word you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately. If you’re wondering what it means, we’re here to help. Tabata isn’t a single routine that is the same for everyone, but a very diverse way of exercising; it is actually a method that includes doing the same exercise for 4 minutes. There are eight 20-second intervals of the exercise, followed by 10-second intervals of rest. It doesn’t sound hard at all, but it’s absolutely a high-intensity workout. What’s cool is you can choose the movements that you’ll be doing to target the spots you want.

Benefits of Tabata

Lose Fat

Since these are exercises with high intensity, your body will be shedding fat like crazy. You will be really pushing the limits during the four minutes, and notice results very fast.


Tabata is a way of exercising that will maintain your muscles and even define them even more. Cardio training can sometimes work in the completely opposite way, so you definitely need a method such as this one to help you gain that muscle mass.

Quick Method

You don’t need a whole hour to do this method. As we already mentioned, it takes 4 minutes to complete one exercise. That’s why anyone can do it, even the busiest people.