Everything You Should Know About Gymnastics Ribbons

According to experts, doing gymnastics should start in early childhood. However, the ribbon can be done recreationally as well; you can start at any age. But if you want your kid to start this sport professionally there are few important pieces of information you should know.


Ribbons come in different colors and patterns and are made up of satin. The length depends on the level the gymnast is. When a child is starting their ribbon career, the length is around 5 meters long, while at the senior level the ribbon can’t be shorter than 6 meters in length. The width of the ribbon must be 4 to 6 inches and at least 1 oz. heavy. Every ribbon is attached to a stick made of fiberglass or plastic.

When your kid begins to compete, there are a couple of basic rules that must be followed. Firstly, there are some exercises that must be in the routine, for example, pivots. Secondly, when doing gymnastics with a ribbon the ribbon has to remain in motion from the beginning of the routine until the end. It’s very important that the ribbon doesn’t touch the ground. If it touches the ground or a knot is formed the gymnast is penalized and deductions are taken from her score.