Fans of Classical Music Have to Try Pamela Reif’s Amazing Workout

Most people try to opt for catchy songs with a quick beat when composing a workout playlist, but have you ever tried training to the beat of classical music? This type of music is an amazing fit for warm-ups and stretching exercises and Pamela Reif created quite a few workouts that fall under this category.

8 Min Flowing Stretch With Matteo Myderwyk

Reif kicked off her series of live piano workouts with this video that she filmed alongside Matteo Myderwyk. If you enjoy calm relaxing workouts that can still do wonders for your endurance and strength, this workout will help you take your routine to a whole new level.

12 Min Slow Ab Workout with Jacob Karlzon

This workout video follows a similar formula as the previous one, but with one major difference. It’s a little bit longer and specifically designed to target your abs through a series of exercises that prove you can start building a six-pack without embracing an intense workout routine right away.

6 Min Warm Up + Cool Down with Stefano Di Battista

Reif’s latest classical music workout is actually jazz inspired and she brought saxophone player Stefano Di Battista on board. If you’re looking for an amazing warm-up or cool-down routine, this one fits the bill and it’s just six minutes long.