Feeling Bloated? These Yoga Poses Will Give You Relief

Yoga for Bloating
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash

Some days, you just feel like your body has more air than it actually needs. And for some unknown reason, said air feels the need to get itself trapped in places that cause discomfort and sometimes even pain. If any of this sounds familiar, you know the struggle is real.

The good news is, trapped gas can be released with just a few simple movements that cause the bowels and intestines to relax. So, break out your yoga mat and let that air out!

Wind-Relieving Pose

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Lie on your back and bring your legs straight up to 90 degrees. Bend both knees and bring your thighs into your abdomen, keeping your knees and ankles together. Bring your arms around your legs, clasping your hands together, or take hold of your elbows. Lift up your neck and tuck your chin into your chest or bring it onto your knees. Start by holding this pose for 20 seconds, then gradually increase for up to 1 minute.  The pose can also be done one leg at a time.

Child’s Pose

This pose is believed to massage your internal organs, which will help that air find its way out. Move into a kneeling position and sit back on your heels. Adjust your knees so that they’re hip-width apart or slightly wider. Slowly walk your hands out in front of you as you bend at the hips and allow your torso to rest on your thighs. Lengthen the back of your neck and rest your forehead on the floor. You may keep your arms extended or bring them alongside your body with your palms facing up. Allow your belly to relax into your legs and maintain a gentle pressure on this area. Rest in this pose for up to 5 minutes.

Two-Knee Spinal Twist Pose

This movement will improve digestion, making it excellent to do after eating. Lie on your back and bend your knees to bring your legs into your chest. Extend your arms to the side so they are in line with your shoulders and keep your palms facing down. Exhale as you bring your legs over to the right side, keeping your knees as close together as possible. Your knees should be at hip level. Use your right hand to press into your right knee while turning your gaze to look over to the left side. You can also keep your neck neutral or look to the right. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.