Fitness Routines Approved by Your Favorite Celebrities

Beyonce. Photo by imageSPACE/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock (9629728a)

Celebrities may look like they don’t have to do much to look fantastic, but the truth is that most of them have fitness routines that they follow religiously. Here are three gorgeous celebrities and their fitness routines.

Adriana Lima

Adriana mixes boxing, running, jump rope, and circuit training to achieve the best results. Boxing is her biggest passion and it has taught her to be consistent and physically and mentally stronger.

Kate Hudson

Kate enjoys pilates the most. “I was 19 when I discovered Pilates, and I’m still doing it. It’s the workout my body really responds to,” she told Shape in 2016. “It’s all about alignment, elongating your spine, and strengthening your core. It makes me feel my strongest. Pilates is always challenging. The advanced moves are amazing, but so hard.”


Beyonce trusts her trainer Marco Borges who believes in complex workouts that engage all muscle groups. Queen B also does spinning classes and interval training to burn a lot of calories quickly.