Foam Rollers Will Help You Build Strength

Besides helping in post-workout recovery, foam rollers can do a great job when it comes to building strength and stability. Including this simple massage tool in regular exercises is a challenging twist because your standard moves are taken on a new level that will trigger your muscles to work harder.

Foam Roller Plank

Regular plank just got interesting thanks to foam rollers. You have to fix your elbows, get in control, and build stability while doing this exercise and it will help you build strength.

Foam Roller Push-Ups

Building stability is just what you get out of this exercise since your hands are not on the ground as always and they are placed on a foam roller. You have to put great pressure on the whole body, especially arms and shoulders, and control them while doing a push-up.

Foam Roller Wall Squat

Here is a great way to control your back from banding while doing the exercise. Take the position as for the regular squat and place a foam roller between the wall and your back. It will massage your back and help you build strong legs.