Follow Heart + Bones Yoga for Sustainable Movement Tips

Sick of following yoga influencers who only show visually striking positions that feel unattainable? Heart + Bones Yoga is the perfect alternative, offering “Uncomplicated Yoga for Everyday People”. Founded by Brea Johnson, this inclusive yoga community offers courses, videos, and guidance to create a sustainable yoga practice, focused on mobility, joint health, and self-acceptance.


Heart + Bones Yoga aims to create inclusive yoga videos that are suitable for all bodies. That means there are plenty of accessible options, tips, and adjustments available so that you can follow a routine suitable for your needs and abilities.

Healthy Movement

Heart + Bones Yoga is a yoga community informed by deep knowledge of anatomy and the biomechanics of the body. It combines traditional yoga poses with modern movement science for a smart practice that will teach you to care for your body, avoid injury and improve wellbeing.

Yoga Teacher Education

Heart + Bones Yoga also offers yoga teacher training to experienced and new yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge. They have tons of resources, an online studio, a podcast, and a respected yoga teacher development course.