Follow Juice & Toya for Fitness, Motivation, and #CoupleGoals

Juice and Toya are LA-based personal trainers who have built a successful fitness empire. With YouTube workouts, a fitness app, and a private personal training service, this is a couple who will inspire you to get moving! Subscribe to Juice and Toya on YouTube for all the motivation and training tips you’ll need to become a healthier you. Here’s what they’re all about.

Holistic Approach

Juice and Toya have a holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellbeing. That means they make diverse and informative content relating to training, nutrition, motivation, and lifestyle.

Tons of Content

The great thing about Juice and Toya is the amount of content they produce and the range of platforms they use. They have heaps of YouTube videos you can access for free, as well as a paid fitness app subscription option, newsletters, live events, and more! However you prefer to access fitness inspiration, Juice and Toya have you covered.


Juice and Toya clearly live by the saying “couples who train together, stay together”. Their partnership and commitment to one another’s goals is inspiring. Plus, if you work out with your partner as well, it’s super helpful to see the adjustments that each one makes to suit their body and abilities when training side by side.